Digital assistant for project management

We use AI with your existing tools to predict project outcomes, alert you about where you need to pay attention, and keep your execution on track.

Predict what's going to happen

Cerebral uses artificial intelligence to predict what's going to happen with your delivery. Know if execution is ahead or behind in advance so you can act accordingly.

We estimate outcomes of sprints and epics, identify atypical cycle time, show defect trends, and more.

Stay up to date about important events

Cerebral sends you focused and prioritized alerts you can take action on over Slack and email.

We interpret events you care about and what is causing them in real-time. You'll always be up to date about what's happening with your work.

Know why work is ahead or behind schedule

The next time you get asked how your next release is going, you can relax. Cerebral tells you the story about how you're executing–good or bad.

We continuously evaluate and prioritize the causes for our predictions about delivery. You'll always know where you should focus your attention.
Why Cerebral

A data-driven approach to software delivery


Cerebral gives you unified, focused, and insightful information on your development work from the tools you already use.


We automatically collect, analyze, and summarize information without interrupting your team. Keep people focused on execution.


We explain how execution is going using facts, data, and metrics. Our system helps you get the full, objective story.


We're always releasing features, improvements, and knowledge to help you grow and scale good practices across your team.

The perfect software delivery experience.

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